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Thaddius J. Carvis
It's Your Intellectual Property

                             Protect it!

We have been protecting the intellectual fruits of inventors, businessmen, authors and artists for over forty years.

Many have found that a strong intellectual property rights foundation can provide the support that a new business needs to move it progressively to each next level.
Your inventions can be protected with a researched and well-written patent application.
Our expert guidance can enhance your trademark rights and keep you out of trouble with competitors.
Artists and authors often overlook the importance of copyright registration until they see that someone has copied their work.
Your Personal Attorney
A small law firm like ours can provide the personal advice that is so often needed by a new start-up.  We’ll work closely with you on an hourly or retainer basis to address your intellectual property needs.  We can help with a single project or follow you all the way to your final goal.  It’s up to you.
Use & Licensing
During the free initial consultation, we’ll discuss whether you have something that should be protected.  If so, we’ll explain what to expect regarding timing and costs.  Whether your need is for patents, trademarks or copyrights, we have the experience to prioritize and secure your rights.
Once your rights are protected, we will work with you to develop a sound plan.  You may want to provide the widest industry exposure for your work or you may prefer to secure an exclusive use for your business.
We will help you find infringers and get you fair compensation.   Inventors and struggling artists and authors are often taken advantage of because they see themselves as helpless. 
We’ll explain why this is not true!
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