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Thaddius J. Carvis

Selecting and registering a trademark requires several talents. Some the businessman will have. Others are added by an attorney who understands the business and competition as well as the ins and outs of trademark registration and enforcement.

We offer an initial interview at no cost to determine what needs to be done and estimate costs involved.
We may recommend a search and opinion to help you decide what it is you may actually protect with a patent. When we agree as to the scope of the work, we will prepare a patent application preparation and prosecute it before the U. S. Patent & Trademark Office. Once you have the patent, we can help maintain it and assist in licensing to others to assure that you receive fair value for your invention. If your business is international or you are looking for international partners, we can assist in foreign Patenting.
Also important is reviewing the patents of others and providing opinions to help you avoid infringing another's patent. If a patent poses a problem, we can challenge the patent or work to secure a reasonable license.
Patent appeals often become necessary or are simply the best way to proceed. We can help there on applications we have filed or on those filed by other attorneys.


Putting your creative efforts into tangible form creates a copyright, but you need to do more to enforce your rights. We can explore the process and come up with an efficient enforcement strategy.